Mod RTAN – mod earned awards and achievements for WOT 0.9.18

Only at the end of the battle the player can see the list of received and earned awards and medals. But what if we tell you that now you have the opportunity to know about all received awards directly in the battle? You say it is impossible. But not. With RTAN mod you will have such an opportunity. This possibility will be fine to motivate and encourage the player to improve his results.

Mod has such advantages:
– the player will be informed about the received awards
– mod will keep the player on the end of the battle (5 minutes before)
– the number of stuffed frags
– Standard version RTAN mod does not conflict with others mods


There is only one negative things – mod displays not all existing medals in the game. But the authors are actively working on it. Authors of mod: ProTeam, locastan, AntiPapki and Aimdrol.


Mod RTAN (15 MB)

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