Mod “Timeless” for World of Tanks

To get information about player  World of Tanks you can if watch his stats. For someone this information has no value but for others – are very important. And it becomes clear why there was made mod “timeless” to display statistics for the session, on the tanks, on the maps, and more for World of tanks WOT.

Under the complicated name hides a truly enormous possibilities of this modification. Thanks to it in the system channel appear many very necessary and detailed information. Statistics obtaining gaming silver and experience; done that received equipment in action and the associated costs; fines and bans, the time spent in the hot battles. Of course, there are ratings of the combat effectiveness (EFF, WGR and others). Information about the last battle is painted as if in a battle to the player’s tank was attached mass locking devices and camcorders.

There is evidence, for which the “tank man” to easily determine how successful was the battle of the current session. Or on the contrary, to play this time is not worth it. In addition, the modification has a lot of options. Using them, it is possible to display data on one parameter, and use the other. There are options for the designation of “hot” keys through which the data of interest can be seen not only in the hangar, but during the fight.


“Timeless” (41 MB)

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