Improved Lighting Mod for WOT 9.14

There are so many mods were made by modders. Some of them are really useful for game and improve your fighting abilities. But some are simply unnecessary and non-functional. Today we will show you mod «Improved Lighting» for WOT 0.9.14, which can enroll to the first option.

Changes to 9.14
— Fully adapted to 0.9.14;
— Added all maps;

Agree that mods that have deal with lighting are not so much (especially good mods). But today, we will be able to represent you one of it and if you setting it you will be satisfied with the result.

The main aim of this mod is to changes the light in minimaps for brighter and vivider. The archive contains all versions of the maps. If you’re tired from ordinariness maps in the battle and you want something new and unusual — set mod «Improving the lighting,» and you look at the maps with new eyes.

It is important to remember that mod is adapted to a gamma 50%.

In the video below you can visually see the map changes with the mod and without it.

Improved Lighting Mod (35 MB)

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