Hangar “European town” for WOT 0.9.14

Hangar for the celebration 4th and 5-th anniversary of the European server.

This hangar was designed by WG to celebration 4 anniversary on the European server. Hangar performs in the style of a typical European town. If you installing it for yourself, you will enjoy the atmosphere of permanent holiday. Flags of different Europe countries, balloons, a huge banner with the word «4 year», aircraft in the sky,car in the territory, interesting architecture — all this you will be expected in the new hangar.

The author presents two choices:

— Night version. — Night version. At night hangar transformed: all illuminated with light street lights and holiday decorations. A large banner with the word «5 years».

— Day hangar.

1051 1053 1052


Folder WOT / res_mods / 0.9.14 /

Hangar «European town» at night (20 MB)
Hangar «European town» at day (19 MB)

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