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Hangars World of Tanks

New hangar interface for WOT

Today we introduce new, style hangar interface for your favorite game World of Tanks. Especially for updates we present a new, redesigned and very stylish interface hangar. Author of mod is KutuzoFFF_22rus. Now hangar looks much more interesting and original. Not very bright but stylish design in blue – gray colors.

Old basic / premium hangar for 0.9.12

Updated 05/12/2015: adapted to 0.9.12; Description: As you all know, in patch 0.9.0 the developers have completely changed the kind of hangar, as a premium, and the base. Many people did not like it, especially the new premium hangar. Therefore developers decided to return the old basic / premium hangar …

“Halloween” hangar for WoT 9.10

Hi,friends! We introduce you interesting and unique Hangar «Halloween» for WoT 9.10 Here is a unique, extraordinary and simply irresistible Hangar «Halloween» for WoT 9.10. This hangar fill the entire atmosphere of Halloween paraphernalia. Do you want to diversify the game? Use Angara «Halloween» for WoT 9.10. Below you can …