[0.9.17] 3D tank icons like in Black_Spy

The author decided to make the icons from the lesson  Black_Spy.
He did the same in Photoshop.
He did not display, each pixel in the topic, so in game it almost no difference. The difference is only one: transparency. There is transparency only 25%. In Koksinator much more.
The author made it three days. The Koksinator authorship is not affected.
Icons is for update 0.9.17.
There are two versions.
– Added “black tank” T34, Panzer, IS-6
– Added for supertest  KV-122, Chrysler K
– Added all Sweden tank
– Updated icons Type59 Gold, Lorraine40t, T26E5, T26E5_Patriot, PzIII AusfJ, PzIII


icons-3d-black_spy-0-9-17 (28 MB)

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