Modpack from Slayer_The_God 9.17

Hi, tankers!
We would like to introduce you with new Modpack from Slayer_The_God
Updated 12.12.2016

Modpack from Slayer_The_God is interesting and functional mod which will be useful for you in the game.

Modpack includes:
— Mod that allow you to view the tanks are not in the hangar;
— Installator in English and Russian;
— Useful Mods( Zoom mods)
— Complex XVM with many features, include hangar carousel;
— Alternative lamps for XVM;
— Popular sights;
— Panel of damages
— «The Sixth Sense» sound mod by Slayer (5 variants);
— And much more;

installation instructions



9.17 will be soon

WoT_modpack_by_Slayer_WoT_0.  (12 MB)

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