Minimalistic blue damage panel to WOT

There was not a very long time new damage panel. To create something new and unlike any other exists is very difficult now. But it does not stop modders to create an interesting, beautiful and unique mods. This time the basis was taken already existing panel but author the minimalistic damage panel changed mod to no recognition. Everything look very cool.

The panel was repainted in a nice blue, neon colors with beautiful fonts, informative tooltips on penetration or penetration and stylized ravine of the damage. In addition, the style of the panel has been redesigned mini-map. All looks very nice! If you like this color you will like this panel. Thanks to a well-chosen fonts information  is very easy to read, despite its minimalism.

In the archive mod is divided into 2 options:

Without XVM – for those who do not use XVM;
XVM – for those who use XVM;

4 5 3-1 2

Install fonts.
Copy the folder and configs in WOT / res_mods /, confirming the replacement.

Minimalistic blue damage panel to WOT

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