Advertising World of Tanks was shown during the broadcast Super Ball

Wargaming – the first company from Soviet Union, which managed to buy time to broadcast the main game of Super football.

Super Ball is well known its broadcast that shown in the breaks of the game. According to media reports  average cost for 30-second video has exceeded 5 million this year the. In final NFL was more than 20 videos.
In 2014, the Super Ball was watched 111.5 million viewers in the USA, plus nearly 800 million worldwide. NFL – the richest and most visited sports league in the world. Its annual turnover of about $ 9 billion, and the annual profit of the league about $ 1 billion.

Total WG  has been shown three rollers for 15 seconds.

The first advertisement with a very double meaning, shown Stiffedra drug similar to Viagra, but at the end of the roller a surprise:

The second video is first TV show “Terrible Nurse”, which spreads at the end of the tank:

And the third movie about the purchase of a tiny house … that blows the tank:


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