Sniper zoom mod for sight х30 WOT []

With increasing accuracy sniper zoom mod has become integral part of mods for each tanker. Now you can make a closer sniper scope x8 not as standard but much more on x30, which will be enough to see the enemy at long range and successfully make a shot. In addition, if the enemy tank is in the bushes, then the full х30  approach sniper scope make the leaves of bushes or trees a little more transparent, that will help you more accurately bring you gun to the enemy vulnerable zone.

But with the release update to make correct shot with x30 zoom become much harder. But do not be alarmed, because you can put a x16 zoom mod, which can bring the sniper scope 2 times closer than the default multiplicity. And with the help of it you can already more likely to hit the target. But as always, the choice we leave you. You will be able to set:

  • х30 (1.6 3 5 8 13 17 21 24 27 30)
  •  х30 (2 4 8 12 16 20 22 25 30)
  • х16 (2 4 8 12 16)
  •  х16 (2 4 8 16)



Copy res_mods folder in the folder with the game, confirming the replacement.


zoom-mod (300 KB)

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