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Update 9.19

For a long time, fans of World of Tanks literally begged the developers to make constructive changes to the game in order to remove the imbalance. The requests were heard, and the developers decided to introduce the mode of ranking battles in the game client. This innovation is already running …

Rank battles in update 0.9.19

Together with the patch 0.9.19 a new mode comes into play – Rank fights Ranked battle is a separate kind of random battle, players in which will be matched according to their skill. In other words, very strong players will not be able to get against (or together) weak players.

Battle mission 2.0 in 9.19

In the update 0.9.19 the combat tasks have changed significantly. List of changes and revisions of new battle missions: Changed the visual and functional part of the window of combat tasks and actions; In the hangar there was a new item “battle tasks”, through which you can get to the corresponding …