Minimalistic sight GIACINT for WOT

Too much information during the battle hinders a player to make a correct shot. That is why many tankers selected  minimalistic  sights. Among the sights of this kind one clearly stands out for such minimalist, simple but at the same time functionality. Introducing the most minimalistic sight called GIACINT.

The sight has the following characteristics:
– minimalism
– Sight is clearly visible on all types of maps
– A convenient, easy-sight
– Not overloaded screen
– Easy set-up
– The absence of unnecessary information
– Does not lower the FPS
– Suitable for weak PC

6 (1)

If you want to see recharge during the battle, just press the CTRL key.

The sight can not work properly with the following scripts: aims.rus, position.rus, sights.rus, ProSights.rus, FixRecreateDevice.rus, UniversalAims.rus.


sight GIACINT (2 MB)

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